SuSy – Mirjana Dragosavljevic in Belgrade

SuSy – Mirjana Dragosavljevic in Belgrade

Mirjana Dragosavljevic is a young cultural operator who joined Station and LLB project in March 2016. She comes from the field of visual arts and curating with a wish to get acquainted with both contemporary dance field and European cooperation projects. Her tasks are related to administration, contracting, archiving, promotion, finances, communication with partners and artists, organization of events. So far she has shown a great dynamics in learning, being proactive in all project’s activities and in bringing different knowledge from her previous professional experiences.

From her report:
“The knowledge I got about project management, production and administration of such a complex art field is something I very appreciate, and it will be very useful in my further work. I had a chance to work on bigger projects, to get a closer look at its administrative structures of production, how it develops together with artistic works, theories and ideas, in which way and on what levels they interact.

Not only had I a chance to learn about project management, but I also learned a lot about other aspects of contemporary dance scene, mainly about its specificity relative to other art scenes with the focus on Belgrade dance scene. I had some knowledge about it but being involved in this way was a whole new discovery. It was a perfect in-depth view on many aspects not visible from the outside, but crucial for the functioning of this field of artistic practice. I’m very excited I could connect my previous practice.

I am very happy I had a chance to get to know people in and around Station Service for contemporary art and to be involved in this kind of collective work consisting of (re)thinking of contexts, practices, negotiations, (non)conflicting ideas, struggles, knowledge production, advocating for dance, critical thinking, analyzing, educating, performing, transforming and all other segments of this sort of complex and hard-working processes. It already has a huge impact on my work and I believe it will continue in the future.”

01.03.16 - 31.12.17

Belgrade (RS)

supported/organized by Station