SuSy – Tatjana Nikolic

SuSy – Tatjana Nikolic

Station decided to engage a young producer Tatjana Nikolic as beneficiary of the SuSy programme because of her dedication to learn more about contemporary dance field.

From Tatjana’s report:

“The form of my engagement suited me very well, since it allowed me to continue my formal education at Master studies in the same field and to participate in LLB activities on a daily basis, something close to part time job. This flexibility of cooperation with Station and understanding of mine beginner experience while introducing me to practice in arts administration and production of contemporary dance and performance was great advantage and a serendipity for me.

I have met Station and its managers and artists on some previous projects where I volunteered, and this was some sort of promotion and next step of that cooperation which encouraged me to continue to work in the field. Now, after a year and a half, I believe I have significantly more knowledge, practical experience, I feel much more familiar with the field. I have seen and got to know how artistic administration and production work in reality instead of theory. I have met artists and other people involved in the local contemporary dance scene in Serbia, participated in the information and communication flows and been present to different events together with my co-workers from Station.

My tasks were related to administration, contracting, archiving, promotion, finances, communication with partners and artists, organization of events. Even some of my own suggestions on how to improve procedures or ways of communication and administration of artistic activities inside Station were heard, acknowledged and some of them implemented.

As the time passed by, I gained considerable independence in work and certain type of courage when in front of new tasks. Nevertheless, I also adopted sensibility and better understanding of the artistic field, which I did not, had that many contacts with during my studies, even though I have graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts. Contemporary dance is a specific field that is not cared for enough in our cultural environment.”

01.08.13 - 18.02.16

Montpellier, France

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier