SuSy – Thibauld Retailleau in Montpellier

SuSy – Thibauld Retailleau in Montpellier

Thibauld Retailleau – Internship at the production and touring department

From May, the 29th to July the 30th, 2017


Report :

NAME : Retailleau

SURNAME : Thibaud

FIELD : Général

Year of studies : 5A

Master – Major : SCO – CPC


Name of the host organization:

Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier

Address : Agora, Boulevard Louis Blanc

City : 34000 Montpellier Country : France

Name of the tutor: Anne Fontanesi Address mail :

Name of the responsible in Sciences Po Lille : Benoit Lengaigne


Your Project for the 5th year (Internship)

I want to fine an internship in an artistic place, close to the publics and at the crossroads between different arts in France or abroad.



I updated the data base of the Choreographic Center of Montpellier by finding by myself if the contacts in the base are still in the place where they are attached to (more than 4000 contacts from all over the world).

For this data base I also realized a prospection of structures in Europe which can become partners (as diffusor or co-producer) of the CCN.

During my internship I also participated at the redaction of a pedagogical dossier for the young public new creation of Christian Rizzo which aims to be a tool for the comprehension and appropriation of this dance work by the teachers and the students.

I also have the opportunity to work on diffusion contracts with French theaters.

I made an application form for Christian Rizzo at a prestigious Taiwanese price which rewarded artists who work in collaboration with Taiwan during their career.

Eventually, I participated in many professional meetings with directors of performing arts structures (theater, dance, French Institute) et to the meetings about the elements of communication for the season 2017-2018.



- I know how to use a data base (used by all the cultural places).

- Thanks to the update of the data base I have now a good comprehension of the performing arts places and people in France and in Europe.

- I know how to make a diffusion contract for artistic work

- I know how to make an application form for a public price from a foreign country.

- I understood the issues around the creation of a dance work.

- I know the issues of communication for a choreographic center.

- During my internship I understood the functioning of a Choreographic Center.


EVALUATION OF THE INTERNSHIP : ( by saying if you advise this internship for other students)

With this internship I wanted to know the functioning of a National Choreographic Center because I was interested in dance and Montpellier was the best place I could imagine because it is one of the most important in France. All the summer the activity of the CCN was constant (new creation of Christian Rizzo, artistic residences, the Festival Montpellier Dance, performances of the students from the master EXERCE). The update of the date base, which is the reason why the CCN take me, allows me to have a better understanding of the performing arts landscape in France and abroad. But very quickly this task became less interesting and very repetitive. Hopefully, because I was well integrated in the CCN, I had the opportunity to have new missions more interesting and thus take a better part in the activity of the CCN. For this reason I advise my internship to any students interested in the performing art and the artistic creation and who wants to enjoy the south of France during the summer.



This internship reaffirmed to myself that I want to work in the performing art. Thanks to my internship I have a better idea of the places where I can do my future internship and I believe that I will use the knowledges I learn during my internship in my professional life.

29.05.17 - 30.07.17

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier