teachback 2016 Vienna

teachback 2016 Vienna

Teachback 2016 

Participants include Paul Maheke, Gillie Kleiman, Alina Popa, Krõõt Juurak, Pontus Petterson & Anne Juren.

Hosted by Jamila Johnson-Small & Adriano Wilfert Jensen (in response to a commission from Alice Chauchat & Jennifer Lacey)

What do we do when choreography in an expanded field is not enough. When processes are cultural products. When using choreography as a sort of meta-organisation, or super structure, challenges nothing, ‘presence’ overtakes everything else and re-articulating the relationship between choreography and dance becomes urgent. But perhaps not more urgent than finding or forming hybrid languages that might be relevant for describing these moments and this time. What is the impact of this on dance? on dancing? on choreography? on our work and on our sharing? What is teaching when we are so busy rapidly undoing and reforming and undoing again? What kind of practices does this ask for and when might these practices be described as ‘teaching’? And how could these be situated with, or in, and generate new art practices?

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ImPulsTanz 2017 — workshop

When Choreography Is Not Enough and Softness Is Just a Way Not to Look In the Face of Power.

A practice-based workshop aimed at movement makers and dance workers to tackle intersectional power dynamics and explore the ways in which the work of setting bodies on stage can remove itself from dominant narratives and idea of main-ness.

In a moment of intense global turmoil, mass population displacements and racial violence, can dance still be relevant if concerned with the body without acknowledging the multi-layered subjectivity of its makers in relation to the broader context within which it operates?

Through a speculative investigation combining group discussions and practical exercises, the participants will be invited to identify and reconsider a variety of tropes, which in turn, will help the group to pinpoint the restrictive nature of these patterns and/or representations.

08.08.16 - 14.08.16

Vienna (AT)

supported/organized by Danceweb