teachback Berlin - laboratory on feedback in artistic processes

teachback Berlin - laboratory on feedback in artistic processes

laboratory on
feedback in artistic processes
(with focus on contemporary dance and performance practise)


Siegmar Zacharias
Jörg Koslowsky
Charlotte Vandevyver
Markus Dross
Eva Meyer-Keller
Frank Bock
Dejan Srhoj
Nik Haffner (+ 2 further people from HZT Berlin)

Two observers:
Frederik Le Roy
Inge Koks

Main topic and questions:

Feedback culture has not only developed and become important in artistic circles, but in today's society in general.

The importance and value of feedback is regarded very highly among artists, art students. Mostly by experiencing, observing and participating in feedback-sessions, one learns to give feedback to peers as well as making productive, efficient use when receiving feedback. Often the feedback is "framed" by the person(s) who invited other for feedback. How do we learn, improve, widen our means of giving and receiving feedback? How is this implemented in art practice and -education today?


In the arts, many methods of feed-backing have been developed, adapted and modified. The lab is giving an overview over existing methods, articulating and discussing the different approaches, aims and experiences.

A number of methods should be tried out within the lab, so that a discussion can rise from first hand experience.

What are the pitfalls of feedback? Where does it go wrong or become enforced? How to avoid feedback being a fashionable thing to do?


What could be the next steps in the development of feedback?

Could it be interesting to think feedback as part of the art-work itself ('process is the work')?

How could the audience/spectators be more included/involved in the feedback?

How could an exchange of feedback (methods) between different disciplines and professions become easier and accessible?


A public event is taking place on January 17, 2014 at 18:00

that includes
a presentation of the DasArts Feedback method by Siegmar Zacharias
a presentation of Design Thinking by Jörg Koslowsky
a discussion

The entrance is free.

17.01.14 - 19.01.14

Berlin/Uferstudios/HZT / Germany

supported/organized by Uferstudios