teachback Budapest 2018

teachback Budapest 2018

Workshop Foundation organised teachback programme between 22-25 June 2018, the professional experts of the programme were Eszter Gál, Tamás Bakó and Patrik Kelemen. 
The programme aimed to help the dance pedagogue, with the participation of 9 foreign and Hungarian artists-dance teachers. Participants of the programme: Peter Pleyer (Germany), Susanne Martin (Germany), Yelena Arakelow (Island), Eszter Gál (Hungary), Tamás Bakó (Hungary), Patrik Kelemen (Hungary), Júlia Hadi (Hungary), Viktória Varga (Hungary).

Our Foundation pays special attention on (further) training and involving in international context of dance teachers. In the focus of the intensive 4-days programme were questions, situations, problems of teaching and its possible solutions and relations.  Furthermore the programme was focused not only on pedagogical aspects, but on the performative status as well. In the frame of our Teachback we held two open presentation, sharing event and talk back session for the audiance (especially professionals, dancers and dance teachers).

We put great emphasis on documentation and sharing of the programme’s results and thoughts, to which the Dance Fiction subprogramme of Life Long Burning provided opportunity.

Number of cultural workers involved : 10 dancers
Number of entries : 13 visitors

20.06.18 - 25.06.18

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation