teachback NOMAD Dance Academy Summer Ohrid

teachback NOMAD Dance Academy Summer Ohrid

in the frame of NOMAD Dance Academy Summer

The overall TEACHBACK working program organised in the frame of eight working days was implemented through 2 main program lines, happening at the same time, engaging two main group of participants according to their main filed of interests and professional backgrounds.

The first program line was composed of a series of workshops lead by professors, choreographers, theoreticians coming from the field of contemporary performing and related arts. These programs enabled sharing of different methodologies of teaching, such as the trans-disciplinary approach and use of diverse media in relation to creation, exploration of seeing and walking, of written materials and films. Besides that, they encounter the participants with the relational teaching, or how to teach at same time and share the knowledge from different backgrounds.

The second line was a program related to educational policies in contemporary performing arts (as county specific situation taking into consideration through the participants coming from different countries) as well as how the education system is being organized in relation to existing formal and informal education in these field. In this frame, the participants in this program also worked on the models of collaborations – analyses of the existing and sharing practices and experiences but also imagining and setting frames for further discussion and join action in strengthening the collaboration and working on models that offer an innovative contemporary dance educational program.

Participants had the opportunity to take part in one of the program lines, but also to combine the programs.

A common (additional) program line was the Open Space – a reserved time and space for presentation, sharing ideas, giving feedbacks, doing things together that are not planned in advance and can be proposed or initiated by any participant in the program.

There were 35 participants in total for all programs, who during the whole implementation period shared the same space and had possibility to interact and exchange during the working and free time.

These programs have created conditions and opened possibilities for professionals and emerging artists active in the field of contemporary dance to work together, share teaching knowledge, methodologies and practices. Click here for further information on NOMAD Dance Academy Summer 

21.08.17 - 28.08.17

Scout Centre Ohrid, Macedonia

supported/organized by Lokomotiva, Station, Tala Dance Center