Wild Card participation Przemek Kaminsky in the ex.e.r.ce communs M1 & M2 - master program

Wild Card participation Przemek Kaminsky in the ex.e.r.ce communs M1 & M2 - master program

In cooperation with Tala Dance Center, ICI-CCN de Montpellier invited the artist Przemek Kaminisky to participate in this master program from January 25th, 2017 to February 15th, 2017

Presentation Exercice Commun on February 13rd, 14th and 15th, 2017 at studio atelier and studio Bagouet – ICI – CCN de Montpellier and ESBAMA (Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Montpellier Méditerranée).



Common exercise

With Miguel Gutierrez, Laurent Pichaud and Lia Rodrigues' guidance, the setting of this 3 week exploration period, taking place within the frame of the educational program, is introduced as a first public visibility opportunity to show the M1 and M2 students' works. In taking into account students' researches' singularity, this space-time relationship seeks to simultaneously enhance periods of thinking and making processes with public showings within a collaborative and location frame.

Guided by three guest artists (Lia Rodrigues, Miguel Gutierrez and Laurent Pichaud), in three different performance locations chosen for the occasion – the black box – the ICI-CCN's Bagouet studio, the studio-laboratory setting – The ICI-CCN's Atelier, and the white cube – the ESBAMA's art gallery in Montpellier (École des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier Agglomération) — this setting seeks to share resources at each step of the creative process: from the work process all the way to the final production, including sharing resources such as tools, work places, technique, interpretations…

This in-common concept stimulates and brings about porosity. Each of the performance location will thus be able to reveal projects specific to each research, as well as collective, hybrid objects with multiple contents, triggered by this active buddy system.


REPORT by Przemek Kaminisky:

« Between January 25th and February 16th 2017, I had a pleasure to participate in the Wild Card Residency at I.C.I / CCN in Montpellier, as a part of the Life Long Burning project.

Together with a group I was assigned to, consisting of three exerce students (Laura Kirshenbaum, Mor Demer and Anya Kravchenko) and Laurent Pichaud, we decided to devote first three days to share our artistic interests, research questions and woking methods through introducing the projects we are currently busy with. Each of us led a session, during which an oral presentation intertwined with physical try-outs. This was undoubtedly a very efficient way to get to know each other through our work, to form a common ground. It also made us investigate potential crossing points in our individual trajectories. These days enabled me to softly enter the group; from the very beginning I felt very welcomed.

Afterwards, we negotiated our schedule and designed it in a way that the balance between personal research time and the whole group time could exist. We used each other to try our ideas, at the same time letting those ideas be transformed and influenced by the group. Sometimes, our initial proposals were becoming something else, something unexpected and not planned. These moments I found extremely precious, they required a common trust combined with engagement, generosity and openness.

I kept on being busy with a question that someone posed during one of the first talks that we had: how can I find myself in someone else’s proposal meaning how through attending to someone else’s proposal, I can still feed in my own research. What do I pull out from the knowledge that we generate together? Or - another way around - how can I contribute to someone else’s research trough inserting particles of my own research. As an example, I remember how Mor’s interest in seaweed movement quality clashed with mine interest in Picnic at Hanging Rock (a 1975 film by Peter Weir) - approaching picnic situation as a choreographic situation, as an event that has a very particular spatiality (blanket) and temporality (stretched time) inscribed in itself. Those two aspects

merged together into an unexpectedly interesting outcome.

Our final presentation was a moment of sharing of a group process, during which we knotted together our experiences from the past weeks into one composition. Here, I have to mention an incredible contribution of Laurent Pichaud, who became a witness of the 3-week process, carefully observing how it is unfolding between us at the same time bringing in as an input his own experiences in relation to working site-specifically in a gallery space. I appreciate a lot his guidance as well as support and feedback in constructing the final presentation.

For me, the residency in Montpellier was a series of choreographic moments, understanding that the choreographic moment isn’t a moment. It’s an act. An action. An act of labor. […] A labor of absorbing, receiving and giving back. A labor that is working; working for the purpose of working itself; working to hold attention to things that often aren’t attended to. It’s an act of allowance and generosity, an insistence on saying “yes” when everything points to “no.” to quote Jeanine Durning.

Thank you for this opportunity »

25.01.17 - 15.02.17

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier