Wild Card Presentation "FUNCTION MAN" by Matan Levkowich & Claire Lefèvre

Wild Card Presentation "FUNCTION MAN" by Matan Levkowich & Claire Lefèvre

I'm Function Man
I'm a social stripper
I take out layers of expectations.
I'm not a blank canvas. 
I am a sophisticated brush.
I have a strictly defined amount of time to bleed.
This is not Sparta.
Tonight, we dine at home.
Function is my middle name.

‘Function Man’ is a collaboration between dance artists Claire Lefèvre and Matan Levkowich. The creative starting point of this solo was the desire to explore the theme of male gender in relationship to Matan’s personal history. We focused particularly on the militarization of young boys’ bodies and minds, which Matan has experienced first hand during his military service in Israel. We were strongly inspired by the toy ‘Action Man’ and how it portrays a typical image of manhood in popular culture. We also referenced Hollywood action movies and questioned the way they perpetuate the glorification of the male hero. We decided to create ‘Function Man’ and to propose that when we focus on function rather than action, on inherent potential rather than goal achievement, we can debunk some clichés about male gender and possibly offer space to look at the human body in movement from a genderless perspective.

Matan and Claire worked on this collaboration together during the Wild Card residency in Brussels organised by Ultima Vez from 16 - 27.06.2014. 

26.07.15 - 26.07.15

festival "Dance Days" in Chania, Crete


21.03.15 - 21.03.15

Kelim Center for choreography, Bat-Yam (IL)


Wild Card Presentation

28.11.14 - 28.11.14

im_flieger / Vienna (AT)


residency Matan Levkowich in Brussels

16.06.14 - 27.06.14

Brussels / Belgium

supported/organized by Danceweb