Wild Card presentation "Garden of desires" by Martyna Lorenc

Wild Card presentation "Garden of desires" by Martyna Lorenc

Performance & Installation: 30.09.2016, 20:00 – 21:00

Garden of desires (formerly Phantom of paradise) is an interdisciplinary venture. Originating from research at the intersection of movement practices and cognitive science, it is a performative investigation on the tangency of bodily sensation and imagination. It constitutes a dense space for carnal curiosity in word and touch, diverse volumes of attention, sensory evoked imagery and alternated body schemes.

Location: Black Box WASP - Working Art Space and Production
Idea and concept: Martyna Lorenc
(Based on research with Gaja Karolczak and Marysia ZIMPEL)
Choreographic and performance research: Martyna Lorenc & Andrea Maria Handler
Installation: Ludmila Kaczmarek
Assistance choreography: Gaja Karolczak
Sound and video support: Karol Kensy (Kensee)
Co-production: Cie. Off Verticality / Rose Breuss
Project carried out under the "Wild Cards" Life Long Burning - 4 Culture residence provided by the Association, in cooperation with the Vienna danceWEB for the 3rd edition platform X.

Installation: 30.09.2016-15.10.2016, 20: 00-22: 00

"Phantom of the Paradise" was developed through a Wild Card residency at Platforma X from September 15 to 30, 2016 in Bucharest.

Wild Card presentation

30.09.16 - 30.09.16

eXplore dance festival #11, Bucharest (RO)

supported/organized by 4Culture