Wild Card residency at X-Platform Bucharest for Martyna Lorenc

Wild Card residency at X-Platform Bucharest for Martyna Lorenc

In the frame of the Wild Cards 2016/2017, 4Culture offered a 2 weeks residency during X-Platform residency programme – new media interdisciplinary residency and production program - in Bucharest to the exchange partner danceWEB that chose Martyna Lorenc for this slot.

The goal of the platform is to open a reflexive, esthetic and speculative dialogue between art, technology and the current socio-cultural contexts. Trying to express a critical understanding of technology as being more than a digital world and of new artistic expression ways, separated from the context of institutionalized culture, the platform is a manifesto for creativity and progress.

At its third edition, the platform gravitates around the ”time-based” concept, having Olivia Nitis and Ciprian Ciuclea as curators.

The Wild Card offer includes:

a 2 weeks residency at WASP with the option to use the Black box studio of 200 sqm or the white box studio with 100 sqm, or one of the smaller exhibition rooms available at WASP 

- accommodation for 2–3 people

- technical support for the preparations of the EXHIBITION/ PERFORMANCE

- production budget: 2.000 euros (including travel and per diem)

- artistic support from the 2016 curators Olivia Nitis and Ciprian Ciuclea

During this residency, Martyna Lorenc and her artistic team worked on the latest production "Garden of desires"  that was premiered during eXplore dance festival #11 on 30 September 2016 in Bucharest.

View the experience report by Martyna Lorenc in the right upper column.

15.09.16 - 01.10.16

X-Platform Bucharest (RO)

supported/organized by 4Culture