Wild Card residency Ayara Hernandez in Brussels

Wild Card residency Ayara Hernandez in Brussels

Sent by the network partner Uferstudios Berlin, Ayara Hernandez was on a residency in Brussels hosted by workspacebrussels to work on her latest production “Behind your eyes”

“Behind Your Eyes” starts with a simple metaphorical argument: There are two spaces, a space in front of us and a space behind us. Between what is hidden and what is revealed, what is known and what is unknown lies the world we perceive. Following this line of thought we can argue that we can call the world we see, the one we try to grasp: 'reality'. We have many different names for the world we don't see; we speculate, we imagine, we invent stories, create myths, tales, theories to name it.  

The work that I will develop takes place between the seen, the unseen and the yet to be seen: what is revealed, what is hidden and yet to be revealed, what is real, what is imagined and what is yet to be real. For that I will use the concept of the mask. The structure of a mask proposes a behind the mask and an in-front-of-the-mask. I want to use this to expose a multiple body: the performer that wears the mask, the one who is created by the use of the mask and the one in between. I will work on the tension between being a body, having a body and inventing a body as to construct a limbo between the real and the fictitious, between the seen and the unseen; a place where a hybrid can emerge, a kind of monster who comes to announce what is yet to be revealed. 

Creation and performance: Ayara Hernández Holz
Collaboration: Felix Marchand

01.10.15 - 19.10.15

Brussels (BE)

supported/organized by workspacebrussels