Wild Card residency during TASK Platform Zagreb for Florence Augendre

Wild Card residency during TASK Platform Zagreb for Florence Augendre

In the frame of the Wild Card exchanges, the network partner Tala Dance Center offers a slot for a residency in their TASK project in the frame of PLATFORMA.hr to the partner I.C.I. – CCN de Montpellier. 

10 – 24. April 2017

platforma.hr | Zagreb

The Wild Card offer includes a residency in the frame of TASK project with a presentation in the platforma.hr festival and free participation in all programs of the festival.

TASK is an interactive dance journal-project. It entails the explorative, performative, educational, documentary and visual/graphical aspect. The original idea for the project came from graphic designer and dancer Martina Granić, who in 2011, as part of her graphic design studies, created dance “wall newspapers”. The main conceptual axes of her project were the categorization of the creative process, communicating methodology/technology to readers/artists and the possibility of parallel documentation/archives.

I.C.I. – CCN de Montpellier chose the artist Florence Augendre (FR/BE) for this slot who worked on her latest production "Fasciapulsology into Dance". 

In her work, Florence creates metaphors where the body qualities and the imaginary converge in the experience of the deep self and our human physical constitution. Inviting the vitality of singular experiences, her work reveals multiple aspects of conscious and their complementing expressiveness. At the heart of our physiology in relation to our environment, how do we meet the subtleties of sensorial perceptions and their modalities? How do we also meet the energy of the animal, its expressive and yet silent presence? How the non-tangible shapes and forms itself into motion?


10.04.17 - 24.04.17

Zagreb, Croatia

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center