Wild Card residency for Aleksandra Lemm

Wild Card residency for Aleksandra Lemm

In the frame of the Wild Card exchange program ICI-CCN de Montpellier offered a residency to its partner Het Veem Theater, who selected the artist Alexandra Lemm.


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Report :
Aleksandra Lemm:

Artistic residency in Montpellier

« From the 20th of June till the 2nd of July 2018 I had been on residency at the ICI CCN Montpellier.

I was offered space to rehearse and work further on my recent solo performance BLUE.

Performance BLUE is supported by the Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam which works closely with the ICI CCN in Montpellier (both part of the European program Life Long Burning) .

The main focus of both of the institutions is to support the upcoming artists who brings new forms and views in within performing arts field.

It has been a privilege to me to take part in this program.

I had been given a chance to move away from my daily surroundings (which at this moment is city of Amsterdam) and was offered accommodation, full availability of one of the studios at the CCN and a small budget to cover expenses of the research.

I had felt welcomed and free to work at any time without limitations.

I could concentrate on most essential questions and aspects of the performance, which requires a genuine amount of time spent in solitude and silence. I had felt freed from necessity of having to create a final “product” out of the research and could channel my full attention towards the creative process.

The studio that I have been working in was a big, bright space which gave me perfect conditions for using roller-skates which play significant role in the performance.

During the two weeks of my stay in Montpellier I also had an opportunity to participate in the city street music festival and the Dance Festival Montpellier which was taking place at exact time of my stay. That gave me a refreshing experience and a taste of cultural interest of people living in Montpellier.

I have seen few performances both from local choreographers (Aurelien Bory, Paula Pi) as well as internationally established artists (Ohad Naharin and Marlene Monteiro Freitas, William Forsythe).

It was wonderful to see how many people from variety of environments and of different ages have

come to the shows. Every time the tribunes were full. I have had a chance to meet people from different working contexts than from dance/theatre, who has shared their deep wish for having more cultural events in their city than it is happening now throughout the year.

It made me realized once again the importance and significance of the artists and the art role in society and motivated me to continue my own work.

With deep gratitude I look back into that two weeks of residency.

It is thanks to the presence of such institutions as Veem House for Performance (NL) and ICI CCN Montpellier (FR) that my work can deepen and the urge to create and share be maintained in most rich ambient and conditions. »

20.06.18 - 30.06.18

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier