Wild Card residency for Alexandra Dicu in Brussels

Wild Card residency for Alexandra Dicu in Brussels

Sent by the network partner 4Culture, the Romanian artist was on a residency in Brussels during which she worked on:

“My past residency at Workspace Brussels consisted in an extensive work with the dance space of a P.A.R.T.S studio, recording various dance improvisations on sound materials that I had previously created back in Romania. The possibility to have a dancefloor work-space helped me to observe the way my sound recordings occupied a wide space, the way dancers reacted to them spontaneously. I constantly recorded this process through video and noted various texts that lead me, in a way or another, to the creation of my sound piece “Dance Capsule” that I presented afterwards in June, in Bucharest. Without the possibility to try my sound recordings in space, in front of people, that I had thanks to Workspace Brussels residency, I couldn’t have arrived to the creation of that piece that was fundamentally based on this relationship between sound resonance in a dance studio.”

In collaboration with Vlad Benescu.

03.04.17 - 17.04.17

Brussels (BE)

supported/organized by workspacebrussels