Wild Card residency for Association Pieces Detachees

Wild Card residency for Association Pieces Detachees

Nominated by the network partner CCN Montpellier, 4Culture hosted the artists Caroline Grosjean and Mathieu Heyraud in Bucharest for a residency from October 23 until November 1, 2014 at WASP Bucharest. The artists used the two weeks to further develop their latest production “Ex/tension” and they had a work-in-progress showing on October 31, 2014. In “Ex/tensionS“, Caroline Grosjean interrogates the idea of endless falling, continues to shift references and works in different spaces — from the neutrality of a dance studio to the effervescence of a city.

As abstract, the performance does not occur on stage, but exists by shifting the gesture in different spaces and through new media. Photos and videos authorize to play with a lot of different scales, zooming and opening the frame. They can also transform the position of the mover(s) and the main action, so it’s no longer what we think it is. Thus, working on suspended or moving images, each protocol starts with a body exploration and transforms itself into a small piece that will be performed in many different ways.

23.10.14 - 01.11.14

Bucharest, RO

supported/organized by 4Culture