Wild Card residency for Clara Amaral

Wild Card residency for Clara Amaral

In the frame of the Wild Card exchange program ICI-CCN de Montpellier offered a residency to its partner Het Veem Theater, who selected the artist Clara Amaral, who used it for working on her latest project « I am the forest » (working title).

The name of the production was later changed into "In your eyes, a cascade" and performed on November 9 and December 20, 2018 at Veem House for Performance Amsterdam.


In our eyes, a cascade

"The water races down, through the slopes, through  the rocks, through the moss. It keeps on falling, through the rocky top. As it falls, every time, at all times, a shift in perspective.

In this performance, Clara Amaral explores the fall of a smartphone and the shifts in perspective that come with it. Just like a cascade that keeps on falling again and again -  downward and onward - Clara Amaral stares into the same surface in order to produce porosity, depth and poetics."

Wild Card residency for Clara Amaral

20.06.18 - 30.06.18

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier