Wild Card residency for Guilhem Chatir & Lali Ayguadé « ZERO POINT »

Wild Card residency for Guilhem Chatir & Lali Ayguadé « ZERO POINT »

In the frame of the Wild Card exchange program ICI-CCN de Montpellier offered a residency to its partner Ultima Vez, who selected the artists Guilhem Chatir & Lali Ayguadé, who used it for working on their latest project « ZERO POINT »


Project description:



For I am the Mother and the Father and

the womb that gives shape to all.

I am Me.

For I am the one whom they call Life

and you have called Breath.



zero, [the ~] noun

The arithmetic symbol (0) representing no magnitude.

Zero is an even number because it is divisible by 2 with no remainder. Zero is neither positive nor negative.


And yet there was nothing. From zero, we are born out of by the multiplication of elements.


And yet there is nothing. We start from nothing, transform into seemingly something and hold on to any kind of other thing. We create, relate and destroy. We endlessly explore.


And yet there will be nothing. As sudden as we have arrived, we will vanish. To the origin of zero.


Throughout CERO the (in)finite process of procreation is explored. Two dancers, an on the stage present soprano and prerecorded soundtrack set in a site specific scenography walk-through the path of life. From zero to zero. The accumulation of disciplines sets off at the first breath to end with the last and what’s left. Together they try to find their way through life and dig into the complexity of primal existence.


Report :

  • the  name of the project has changed form Zero Point to HERE




Lali Ayguadé – Guilhem Chatir – choreographer and dancer

Astrid Stockman – soprano

Aïda Gabriëls – dramaturge and scenography


« Disposed of any kind of particularity Lali and Guilhem explore the process of being born, beginning from the begin, arriving in a structuralized context. An undefined force roams around. Astrid seemingly conducts the everyday life and process of growing. She does not stand in this world but acts from out. Through voice and

presence, she triggers the mechanism of awareness and realization. The two freshly born personae grow physically and psychologically. Throughout this process of growth, they interact and develop and shape themselves and the other like molded clay. The outer force inspires and destructs, provokes and stabilizes the dancers who slowly emancipate. They no longer passively undergo the sudden caprices and outdated realities of the soprano. The two entities, conceived and developed by her, slowly break out and manifest themselves towards the source they originate from.

The clay figures, once living by the prescribed rules, now return to the inner force and instincts of the own. No longer they quietly follow without resistance. They empower themselves and the other to step out of the structure reinstalling the weight of earthy impulses and intuition.


Lali and Guilhem research on how we sometimes inevitably need to break things down and escape in order to be able to get closer to the truth. In times where we get born on an established path with prerecorded rules, expectations, dreams and hopes it is time to criticize and crush and find back common ground with our inner self, stripped of what is not ours, what is not natural. Demolition, though a painful and unpleasant thing to go through hopefully turns into instinctive rehabilitation. But how can we reinstall ourselves and the alliances with the other and the outer force we cannot control? »



September the 29th, 2018 : Zaragosse Festival



October the 3rd, 2018 : KLAP – Marseille « Question de danse »

October the 8th, 2018 : Prisma, Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporànea de Panamà

November, the 23rd, 2018 : Festival Temporada Alta, Barcelona

16.04.18 - 27.04.17

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier