Wild Card residency for Judith Dömötör

Wild Card residency for Judith Dömötör

07. – 20.09.2017 in Belgrade, organised by STATION

This Wild Card was an exchange with CCN Montpellier. Judit Dömötör stayed in Belgrade from 7th till 20th September 2017. As a very young artist who has been doing her first steps in the professional dance world, Judit spent her time in Belgrade researching various topics related to her final performance at the CCN program e.x.e.r.c.e but also getting to know the Belgrade scene. She met many people while researching the topics of communication and exchange. An excerpt from her writing: “Who wants me to say very interesting and attractive things about my research that makes you feel happy and willing to invite me? Is it you? Or is it me, who wants to do that? How did we create this way the things are functionning now, today, in the world, and in the art field? In the ART, that could be different, that has the freedom to be something else!”

On September14th she did a presentation of her research to the Belgrade audience, with a debate and feedback.

07.09.17 - 20.09.17

Belgrade (RS)

supported/organized by Station