Wild Card residency for Sara Lanner at Co-existing Programme in Skopje

Wild Card residency for Sara Lanner at Co-existing Programme in Skopje

Sara Lanner (AT) was one of the participants of the second edition of CO2 existing program, held in Kino Kultura- project_space for contemporary performing arts and contemporary culture in Skopje, Macedonia from 1st September till 9th September 2017, selected by the partner danceWEB. CO2-existing was a project/laboratory that invites teams of artists, which are in progress or in research platforms. The artists were from different fields so it could cover the necessities and perspectives that are needed for possible collaborations such as: Choreographers, performers, dramaturgs, visual artists, contemporary theatre directors, producers, photographers, sound artists and so on.  Even though participants were invited to participate together, the format allows for each individual to have time, space and facilities for pursuing individual artistic interests.
CO2-existing (01.09.2017-09.09.2017) program contains artistic residency, closed door meetings for strategies and development of the local dance scene in Macedonia and the region, and a festival named CO2- Fest Happening (01.09.2017-09.09.2017). As part of the festival Sara Lanner presented the performance “A Living Example” – by Sara Lanner and dramaturgical support of Gabrielle Cram.


5 Sep 20:00

“A Living Example”


by Sara Lanner

Dramaturgical Support: Gabrielle Cram


"How individual but, simultaneously, similar are we?     
Analyzing herself as social sculpture and choreography, Sara Lanner is browsing through her own personality, page by page. Layer by layer she reveals stories, characteristics, categories and clichés that are specific to her own identity - but in which the audience finds itself at all times in the spotlight of their own reflection."


Further support: Huggy Bears/SUPERAMAS, WUK Performing Arts Vienna, ImPulsTanz Vienna, Tanzquartier Wien, die ttp


Pictures: Raffaela Bielesch

Duration: 30-40min

Location: Kino Kultura project_space for contemporary performing arts and culture

01.09.17 - 09.09.17

Skopje (MK)

supported/organized by Lokomotiva