Wild Card residency Julie Gouju & Adaline Nobile in Riksteatern / Norsborg

Wild Card residency Julie Gouju & Adaline Nobile in Riksteatern / Norsborg

In the frame of the Wild Cards 2015/2016, Cullberg Ballet offered a 3 weeks residency at Riksteatern / Norsborg to the exchange partner CCN Montpellier that chose Julie Gouju & Adaline Nobile for this slot. The artists are working on their latest production "À dix centimètres près" during this residency. 

"À dix centimètres près" is a duet that explores how thinking can take place and be fabricated live on stage. By creating conditions to listen, see and feel together with an audience, we are interested in exposing the heterogeneous mass of sensations and images that are constantly passing through us. These sensations and images are defined in real-time during the performance.

"À dix centimètres près" is a unison where speaking together is a consequence of being together. Although words appear in unison, they don’t originate from a single person or source. It’s an encounter, a meeting point. Our respiratory, phonatory, kinesthetic and mental flows are looking for synchronizations. By feeling each other’s impulses, by positioning oneself with the other, we begin to speak in unison. Our words are produced with the other, through the other and thanks to the other.

"À dix centimètres près" is the moment when words come to our lips. Our words are communicating vessels between thinking and speaking: these spoken thoughts appear in real-time by the intertwining of two voices that are continuously triggering each other. More than questioning the sources and roots of our words, we are interested in the act of speaking. By digging into the space where words appear, we focus on the impulse itself.


"À dix centimètres près" is a choreography for voice and bodies, where voice is considered as a body.

23.05.16 - 04.06.16

Riksteatern (SE)

supported/organized by Cullberg Ballet