Wild Card residency Kai Simon Stöger at Tala Dance Center Zagreb

Wild Card residency Kai Simon Stöger at Tala Dance Center Zagreb

Selected by the network partner CCN Montpellier, Kai Simon Stöger had her residency in Zagreb from April 14 to 27 2016. Kai studied “contemporary dance, context, choreography” (at High School for Dance at the University of Art in Berlin), and she has a background in graphic design. Her focus is directed on perception and physical experiences in movement and dance, and their connection to social, economic and political topics. She is active as a dancer and choreographer, but also as a graphic designer, and as a practitioner of tantric sex like Rosebutt / Billy (Rrrr), who performs as a burlesque performer and teaches workshops about queer burlesque all around Europe. On April 22, TASK Wild Card reaction was performed in Pogon Jedinstvo – a public presentation of Kai S. Stöger. The reaction included an imaginary dialogue between former TASK tasks of the artist Matija Ferlin and Dušan Murić. The artist made a tridimensional map for her project, drawing text, positioning and connecting to make partitions for fake “inter-subjective” speeches, expressed by body and language. The map at the same time served as a call to spectators to involve themselves and participate in the project. 

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14.04.16 - 27.04.16

Zagreb, Croatia

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center