Wild Card residency Seppe Baeyens at Tala Dance Center

Wild Card residency Seppe Baeyens at Tala Dance Center

Selected by the network partner Ultima Vez, Seppe Baeyens was on a residency in Zagreb, hosted by Tala Dance Center from April 11 to 17, 2016.

His residency, which was also a workshop, called “Invited” was based on a research of space (floor) and mutual creation. At the same time it opened questions “What is the meaning of theatre space?”, “How can a space invite audience to participate?”, “At what moment does the audience make the decision to participate in dance creation?”. Participants and performers in this project were generationally diversified dancers Eva Štengl, Lola Blašković, Lukas Raca, Nikola Curić, Ana Mihaela Fočić, Lada Sekulić, Iva Čevizović and Drago Asić – Lika from which the youngest of them was just 10 years old, and the oldest performer was 65 years old.

Dancer and choreographer Seppe Baeyens has been intensively involved in activities for children and youth in the company Ultima Vez since 2011. He distinctively decides to enter in dialogue with those children and youth, as well as with adults. His early productions, including “We, House (Heartbeats)” and “(Im)possible friendship of Stef Augustij (Kopergietery)”, were very much praised in Belgium and abroad. 

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11.04.16 - 17.04.16

Zagreb, Croatia

supported/organized by Tala Dance Center