Wild Cards for Laura Kirshenbaum & Georgeta Corca at the Tour Through Tanztage Berlin

Wild Cards for Laura Kirshenbaum & Georgeta Corca at the Tour Through Tanztage Berlin

Tanztage Berlin (www.tanztage.de) is a yearly 10 days festival which presents the new and upcoming artists based in Berlin, taking place at theatre Sophiensaele. With A Tour through Tanztage Berlin Uferstudios offers the Wild Card participant the possibility to visit all of the Tanztage performances in a small group of Berlin based choreographers, afterwards talking about the work seen and sharing thoughts on artistic and curatoral intents and ideas. Next to that we organize in the afternoons discussion sessions within the same small group about the daily practice of a young artist.
Uferstudios is welcoming Laura Kirshenbaum, sent by CCN Montpellier, and Georgeta Corca, sent by 4Culture in these Wild Card slots.

Tour Through Tanztage
Tour Through Tanztage is a collaboration between the European program Life Long Burning/Uferstudios and Tanztage Berlin with Sophiensaele in which 5 artists are invited to participate: 2 international artists through the Life Long Burning Wild Card residencies and 3 artists based in Berlin.
The participation includes seeing all the performances in the festival Tanztage Berlin in this small group and talking about the work seen. The tour will be guided/moderated and some guests are invited throughout the 10 days. Nevertheless, the tour has a big element of self-responsibility and thereby the participating artist are invited to address their own main points and topics within the thematics. 

Possible topics:
-       presentation and discussion of own work
-       discussion on context where work is created
-       productional & work conditions and their impact on the artist’s practice
-       curational strategies of festival and theatres



04.01.17 - 16.01.17

Tanztage Berlin (DE)

supported/organized by Uferstudios