Work in Progress Presentation "ECCE (H)OMO - Black and White" by Paula Pi

Work in Progress Presentation "ECCE (H)OMO - Black and White" by Paula Pi

To depart, once more and always, from what is already there, JC would say.

In every sense of the word depart, CS would say.

There and there, which are also yesterday and today, another JC replies.


ECCE (H)OMO – Black and White is a re-search-re-cycling-re-appropriation project around the dance cycle «Afectos Humanos» by german choreographer and dancer Dore Hoyer (1911-1967). ECCE (H)OMO is a desire to search for one’s dance within someone else’s dance, LT would say. This cycle consists of a series of short solos created by Hoyer between 1959 and 1962 on the theme of human affections: Pride/Vanity, Greed, Hate, Fear and Love. These five dances, it must be said, are as short as they are intense.



[There are 2 versions to this project: one intended for museums – White – and the other for the stage – Black]


27.04.18 - 27.04.18

Charerloi Danse, La Raffinerie Brussels (BE)



21.03.17 - 23.03.17

CND Paris



24.05.16 - 24.05.16

Honolulu - Nantes


08.04.16 - 10.04.16

Palais de Tokyo Paris


20.03.16 - 20.03.16

Musée Unterlinden, Colmar


Work in Progress Presentation

04.03.16 - 04.03.16



06.11.15 - 08.11.15

CND Paris, France

supported/organized by CCN Montpellier