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Wild Cards

residency and study slots

The LLB project partners offer slots (e.g. in education programmes, residency spaces with technical and dramaturgical support, workshops) to be proposed to emerging/mid-career dance artists coming from another European country than their own. Those Wild Card slots are announced via public call by every coorganiser. As all members of a relevant national scene are eligible to apply, this procedure helps to identify new promising artists. The coorganisers develop “privileged partnerships”- based on pairing up of two coorganisers during a year - ensuring multiple exchanges over the 5-year period of the project as well as offering the relevant national scenes different possibilities every year. The Wild Card slots are not restricted to artistic projects but can also include arts administration, teaching or dramaturgy.

Wild Card slots

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PERFORMANCES resulting out of Wild Card slots

  • "DELICES" by Aina Alegre MORE
  • "Entities and Intimacy" by Mirko Guido MORE
  • "FURRIOUS" by Milan Loviška and Otto Krause MORE
  • "Function Man" by Matan Levkowich & Claire Lefèvre MORE
  • "GARDEN OF DESIRES" by Martyna Lorenc MORE
  • "Grand Mal" by Anne-Lise Le Gac and Élie Ortis MORE
  • "In our eyes, a cascade" by Clara Amaral MORE
  • "MRF" by Aleksandar Georgiev & Dragana Zarevska MORE
  • "Moi Ma Chambre et Ma Rue" by Tidiani N'Diaye MORE
  • "REIN / EMBODIMENT / purebigfuture" by Christian Bakalov MORE
  • "SAUNA" by Malika Fankha MORE
  • "StepinTime" by Júlia Hadi MORE
  • "The Curators’ Piece – A Trial Against Art" by Tea Tupajić MORE
  • "Treasured In The Dark" by Thiago Granato MORE
  • "contagious objects" by Jasmin İhraç, Lynda Rahal and Katerina Andreou MORE