Creative Crossroads

From 2018 – 2022, LLB will realize two cycles of a two years programme. Over the 4 years, 21 artistic projects will receive enhanced structural accompaniment for 2 years each: LLB sets out to invite artists/artistic collectives of diverse ages and backgrounds to travel the network and benefit from all its diversity (10 in the first cycle, 11 in the second one). 

Furthermore, CREATIVE CROSSROADS supports additional works with residencies and co-production fees.

Cycle 1

The following artists receive enhanced structural accompaniment during the first 2 years of the Life Long Burning project:

Alix Eynaudi

Beatrix Simko

Eszter Salamon

GARAGE collective

Günther Wilhelm & Mariola Gröner

Inclusive Movement Research Collective

Laura Kirshenbaum

Ofelia Jarl Ortega

Snjezana Primus

Sonja Jokiniemi

More information on the detailed support follows soon.



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