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Dance Hub

residency and study slots

Via open call, the network offers a multitude of opportunities for emerging dance artists, dance administrators and dance writers to deepen and exchange their knowledge. For DANCE HUB, the project partners develop a system allowing for these benefits to reach beyond the local scene and bring international artists from one into another local scene in order to introduce previously unknown players with each other. All DANCE HUB residencies include travel, housing, per diem and studio. They are at least 10 days and up to 6 weeks long, include exchange with local artists and institutions and ensure strong accompaniment and involvement by the receiving project partner. Some DANCE HUB residencies focus on development of work (including coaching), some on completion of work (including technical assistance and precious theatre time), others on the implementation of an international festival, the deepening of technique or the practice of writing. Every open call is stating in detail what is on offer for the artist and following this call through when selecting the artists for the relevant DANCE HUB residency.

PERFORMANCES resulting out of Dance Hub slots

  • Catarina Miranda "Dream is the Dreamer" MORE
  • Eve Chariatte & Laura Kirshenbaum "Diaphragm Leap" MORE
  • Hygin Delimat "Beton" MORE
  • Sergiu Matis "Extinction Room (Hopeless.)" MORE