• "Elegy for Ramno" by Chentinell/Zarevska/Dimitrovska/Aleksovski

Dance fiction

The LLB project wants to take advantage of the possibilities of the digital media to provide open source documentation of its activities. With the video registration of all the Dance Works! pieces it plans a valuable archive that shall be accessible on the internet. Links to universities and dance schools, and their libraries, shall be established so the database gets accessible for students, thus meeting a strong need in some regions, like the Balkan or the Nordic countries, where artists don’t easily have the possibility to see contemporary dance works live. More generally, the LLB project undertakes substantial (video) coverage of its activities and its presentation on the LLB website/facebook page.


"A Point In the Making - Three Days With Babette Mangolte"
originated in the frame of the so-named PSR organised by Het Veem Theater


"Laboratory On Feedback in Artistic Practices"
originated in the frame of the so-named teachback! edition organised by Uferstudios

“Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes 2 – Audiences”

With the second Dance Fiction publication, Uferstudios Berlin continued to contribute to an on-going international discourse on feedback in artistic processes. According to the research and practice of the second feedback lab in the frame of teachback, the focus was on involving audiences in feedback processes not only using existing methods but inventing and experiencing new ones. The publication is documenting different best practice modules and reflecting upon the value of creating a public sphere around the presentation of art works. It was published in 2015 and 1.000 brochures distributed through international arts networks and universities.


"Field Notes 2013"
published by workspacebrussels
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"Field Notes 2014"

published by workspacebrussels
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"Field Notes 2015"

published by workspacebrussels
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"Let's Poem Back"

originated in the frame of teachback! session 2013 in Vienna