ATLAS – create your dance trails 2019

ATLAS – create your dance trails 2019

ATLAS – create your dance trails is a module-based training programme embedded in the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival. It offers artists with first choreographic experiences a dynamic environment to intensively work on their artistic development. The programme is designed to address two of the most central needs of emerging choreographers: On the one hand, to have access to studio space for research and piece development and on the other hand, to gain new input through individual training programmes, by visiting a broad range of international dance productions and through exchanging with artists from more than 100 countries as well as through peer-to-peer exchange within the ATLAS group. In addition, weekly showings enable the participants to present their works or work steps.

The ATLAS training program 2019 took place from July 12th to August 12th. 23 participants from 21 countries between 21 and 38 of age were welcomed, who come from different artistic contexts and mainly work and research at the interface of performance, dance, physical theatre and visual arts.

The programmatic subtitle create your dance trails, stands for a philosophy of individual artistic focus and the (self-)conscious creation of one's own and unique paths in the international dance and performance field. Therefore the young dance makers had the opportunity to put together an individual programme (workshops, performances, studio rehearsals, presentations and peer-to-peer exchange), that was tailored to their needs and interests and thus to determine their artistic approach. Dramaturgically, the young dance makers were supported and accompanied by Guy Cools (AT/BE), a renowned dance dramaturge, author, curator and teacher, who moves at the interface of dance and writing and can fall back on a rich experience in the field of dramaturgical accompaniment. Guy Cools understood his task to promote the participant-specific goals and priorities through individual coaching sessions and to encourage the participants to open their artistic process and their artistic issues to the public. This was intended to stimulate the exchange between the ATLAS participants, to facilitate artistic-collaborative moments and to promote artistic development as a shared experience.

The programme started with a two-day opening workshop, during which practical exercises and tasks reflected on creative processes and personal artistic practices. In addition to the on-going individual sessions with the coach, there were check-in group meetings on a weekly basis to share their experiences and their wishes and needs regarding the programme and the presentations. For rehearsals and research the participants also had three rehearsal studios and the ATLAS / danceWEB Space at the workshop centre Arsenal. The Sunday evenings were reserved for artistic sharing. Participants were given the opportunity to do work-in-progress presentations, whereby the format could be freely chosen (from classic presentation formats to short workshops, discussions, questions to the group, etc.). These joint, internal sessions formed the basis of two public showing opportunities, building the foundation for trust, diverse feedback modes, and mutual support within the group and also leading to some collaborations within the group, but also with the danceWEB scholarship holders and other participants of the festival.


ATLAS participants 2019
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Anna Liddle (USA)
Biana Heiss (Australia)
Brage Nordgang (Norway)
Caitlin Davey (New Zealand)
Ekin Tunceli (Turky)
Emma Johanna Little (USA)
Francesca Saraullo (Belgium/Italy)
Francis John Chan (UK)
Helene Dietrich (Belgium/Germany)
Inka Romani Escriva (Spain)
Laura Locher (Poland/Switzerland)
Maria Jose Landa (Peru)
Murat Adash (UK/Turkey-Germany)
Orla Conolly (UK/Ireland)
Poliana Lima (Spain/Brazil)
Sarah Lutz (Belgium/France)
Scheherazade Zambrano (France/Mexico)
Sebastiano Sing (Austria/Germany)
Siân Rowlands (UK)
Sophie Melis (Belgium)
Stephanie Handjiiska (Bulgaria)
Tamar Even-Chen (Israel)
Tomer Giat (Israel/Israel-Portugal)

Gallery: ATLAS Showing
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12.07.19 - 12.08.19

Vienna, Austria

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