BamBam Frost – dreambeam – cancelled

BamBam Frost – dreambeam – cancelled

MDT have been following and presenting BamBam Frost’s work for a few years, starting with the group piece Sorry in 2019, followed by YES during the pandemic (planned premiere in 2020, the piece had several working periods over 2020-2021) and imoortal summit (created with Lydia Östberg Diakité in 2021). Both YES and immortal summit have been co-produced by Life Long Burning. In dream beam, BamBam created her first piece where she’s not performing herself. Four dancers, together with set designer Chrisander Brun and composer Yared Tilahun Cederlund, created an artwork specially created for the space at the MDT stage. Unfortunately, because of illness in the team, the performances had to be cancelled, and we are now looking at new dates in 2023.  

Dream beam was part of a special co-production model with extra resources, where MDT pays a co-production amount of 70 000 sek, and also covers a freelance producer for six weeks and an inhouse technician for four weeks. The producer and technician also follows the piece on tour, to the first two stops. This is a way for MDT to support freelancing artists with limited resources to build a stable organisation, to give them the stability they need to develop in their artistry.

About the piece:

dream beam is an invite to share space with the dream beam dream team. Four people made out-of-this-world, that through dream beaming can be in direct contact with the multiverse versions of themselves – channeling the force from other realms. They share the ability to feel everything, breathe in energy, taste it, digest it through their bodily system of organs, flesh and bones: and transform them to specific superpowers.

dream beam is a dance with suns, planets, moving walls, electricity, chrystal skin, prismas, mountains and softer softer softer. dream beaming can make your most beautiful dreams come through, might sound cheesy – but it’s true.

The planned performance presentation in November 2022 was cancelled due to sickness of the artists.

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BamBam Frost – dreambeam – cancelled

10.11.22 - 13.11.22

MDT Stockholm (SE)

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