BamBam Frost – dreambeam – cancelled

BamBam Frost – dreambeam – cancelled

MDT is co-producing a new piece by BamBam Frost, an artist that MDT and LLB have co-produced before. Her previous pieces “YES” and “immortal summit” both were co-produced by the network.

About the piece:

Any fall any crawl - every stream every beam

We dream, but we have no clue about what this is yet. Practicing superpowers, real and fictional. They were dancing with crystal skin reflecting light all over the room. That was nice. Another day we practiced empathy. Thoughts of how certain powers, or perhaps enhanced skills, can create alternative structures and affect the way we function as a group are present. But everything we know now will change. So be patient, more will come. Think of us as we are trying to crack this code.

BamBam Frost – dreambeam – cancelled

10.11.22 - 13.11.22

MDT Stockholm (SE)

supported/organized by MDT