The regional network Nomad Dance Academy and Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia through ICC in partnership with Uferstudios present a fully funded opportunity for a Berlin based artist to conduct a short research in the frame of situation on a chosen interest/topic in Sofia, (Bulgaria), together with 3 active Bulgarian based co-researchers.


About Nomad Dance Academy:

Since 2005, Nomad Dance Academy is a Balkan contemporary dance network which is active in the field of dance education, artistic creation, production, as well as promotion and advocacy. Through its cultural activism, it seeks to strengthen the various creative and artistic forces in the local and national contemporary dance contexts of the Balkan region, in order to achieve the right conditions for professional, high-caliber, and exciting contemporary dance work. The partners of Nomad Dance Academy understand contemporary choreography as an artistic or social function, methodology, or practice, which deals with working conditions, the creating or producing of composing, constructing, performing, perceiving and thinking various presences, absences, or representations of the human body (in the individual or collective sense), as well as its traces, indications, and potentialities in the past, present, or future. 


About ICC

ICC is a long-term artistic project focused on processes of imaginative institutionalization of the artist's work in the field of choreography and dance. ICC functions as a net that researches different support structures for artistic works processes and stresses discursive practices around choreography and dance.

ICC proposes an undefined space for collectively working around practices of nurturing the choreography and dance scene and the creation of common resources oriented towards the artist's work, (the totality of the labor implied in it), its regulation and its processes.

ICC does not have a physical space even though it actualises itself in different existing physical spaces. Following the same logic. ICC does not own an administrative body / does not have a legal organization and it functions by collaborating with existing ones. The territory where it operates intrinsically depends on the people who are part of it. ICC is a black hole, a denationalized container, a proposal for a choreographic center run on the bases of needs and imagination.

ICC offers different programs focused on discursive and critical practices, the dialogue between artists-art-audience, research, artistic residencies and emerging artists.

ICC exists and functions thanks to an ongoing collective and collaborative working. The imaginative center is initiated and led by the artistic team STEAM ROOM, Aleksandar Georgiev, Zhana Pencheva and Darío Barreto Damas, with the working team Viktoria Kostova and Gjorgji Despodov, and imagined and worked through with collaborators from different contexts and localities.



POETIC BODIES is a program line that offers the infrastructure to dig into an artistic interest or topic under the frame of situation.



ICC proposes a situation as a short research guided by a specific artist who is joined by professional artists from the region under the role of co-researches. A situation takes place throughout a working week.


A situation is:

●      To engage in a collective research on the bases of the artistic proposal, brought by the artist who guides the situation together with the co-researches, through several approaches simultaneously, (educational, research, sharing practice, creative process, etc).

●      To collectively try out materials and materialities from a specific artistic proposal without the necessity to produce a specific outcome.

●      To co-think and co-dream around artistic proposals.

●      To explore collective processes while working on one's own artistic proposal.

●      To publicly share artistic processes.


The what and the how things happen within the working frame are up to the necessities of the artists.



10th – 16th May 2022. (Traveling dates 9th and 17th May 2022). Sofia, Bulgaria. Working space to be confirmed.



It is completely open and it can vary in accordance with the artist’s interests and personal inclinations, needs and questions. The open call is for Berliner artists from the field of dance and choreography observed both conventionally and through its expanded notions.



ALL artists working in the field of dance and choreography who are based in Berlin and have a good command of English.



●      The artist will have 5 days to navigate the situation. On the 6th day they will have the opportunity to share publicly what has been created, discovered, realized or lost throughout the period.

●      There will be an open call for the 3 co-researchers created by the invited Berlin artist together with ICC. The 3 co-researchers should be from the local context, (Sofia, Bulgaria). The Berlin artist also needs to articulate the selective procedure and co-select the 3 co-researchers. The 3 co-researchers will be paid to work together on the artist´s proposed topic.

●      Up to 5 people from the ICC program line HOT BODIES, (who are emerging choreographers and dancers, often students), will have the possibility to join the research. The artist can choose whether they will be an active part of the situation or only witnesses.

●      POETIC BODIES is a common process rather than an individual leading. The situation is thought of as a co-thinking space guided by the invited artist, being open to the possible detours and variations the collective work might bring.

●      The 3 co-researchers will be present for 5 hours per day in the working space. If the artist would like to have more time in the space, (by themselves), they should inform ICC in advance.

●      The artist must offer an open morning class/training, (1h hour), each day of the situation. (A total of 5 morning classes/training). Whoever is interested can join the class.




●      Accommodation.

●      Working space.

●      Travel expenses.

●      Fee of 600 euros.

●      Video and audio recording of the process.

●      Access to contemporary artistic works from the local context.



Prepare an invitation letter for inviting other artists (that might then be your local co-researchers) to join your work proposal. The invitation letter can be written with a maximum length of 2 A4 pages, or spoken and performed with a maximum length of 4 minutes audio and/or video. 

There are no requirements regarding size/style of font or ways of articulating. That's left for you to decide upon while respecting the format of the invitation letter. The invitation letter should be written, spoken or performed in English, (if you decide to use verbal or written language).

 Send the invitation letter in a PDF format for the written letters or a link to YouTube/Vimeo or other preferred platform if you choose audio/video to UFERSTUDIOS projekte@uferstudios AND CC hello(at) with subject POETIC BODIES / APPLICATION / YOUR NAME.


For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the above mentioned e-mails with the subject POETIC BODIES / QUESTION/YOUR NAME.


06.03.22 - 06.03.22

Sofia, Bulgaria

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia, ICC & Uferstudios