CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: workshop with Nadia Lauro

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: workshop with Nadia Lauro

In the frame of the Wild Card exchange program, the network partner workspacebrussels is looking for participants in the workshop with Nadia Lauro, organized and hosted by I.C.I./CCN Montpellier.

When: 18 – 28 April 2017
Where: I.C.I/CCN de Montpellier and the Carré d’Art in Nîmes (Contemporary Art Museum)

The program offers:
Workshop with Nadia Lauro – "Ideal device of the gaze"

+ This workshop aims to start with a current project and to translate its  « motor » into an ideal device of vision.
It includes developing an ideal public device of the gaze allowing to experiment work through a spatial perspective scenario, and thus raising more questions.
This workshop takes places within the frame of the exerce master program, as a dedicated time to dramaturgical tools. After exploring what a specific context (the theater stage, the white cube, a landscape, a frame…) contains,  by its very nature, possibilities in terms of dramaturgical composition are examined. Nadia Lauro proceeds to suggest a reversal of terms: Starting from the project to understand space, the possible or ideal public address scheme.
+ Educational costs for 3 weeks

+ Costs of the flight / accommodation and per diem / tickets for mandatory shows or visits

Application requirements:
Please send a current CV and a motivation letter to workspacebrussels, who is selecting the Wild Card participant:
Knowledge of French language is recommended. 

Application deadline: 10 March 2017

Further information:
Nadia Lauro, visual artist and designer based in Paris, develops her work in multiple contexts , including contemporary dance, landscape architecture and fashion. She creates sénographies, visual installations for many choreographic projects .She collaborates with the choreographers and performers Ami Garmon (If you haven’t told everything  where does it go? Garmon/Lauro), Vera Mantero (Poesia et Salvajeria, Being here full, k’su’porta, Until The Moment When God Is Destroyed By The Extreme Exercise Of Beauty) Benoît Lachambre (L’âne et la bouche, Délire Défait, Not to know, Lugares Communes), Frans Poesltra (Haven’t we met before? Lauro/Poelstra), Barbara Kraus (Welcome to the club of Pleasure, Yes Sir, I can do it), Latifa Laabissi (Self Portrait Camouflage) and Jennifer Lacey with whom she co-signes $Shot(Lacey/Lauro/parkins/Cornell), Chateaux of France, Crushing with clogs makes the song of flat things, This is an Epic, Diskreter Siedlicher Eingang, Mhmmmm. In 2000, she received a New York Dance and Performance Award (The Bessie) for her visual installation in $Shot (Lacey/Lauro/Parkins/Cornell). 

She participated in few improvisation projects, Crash Landing @Louven,@ Vienne, @Paris curated by Meg Stuart, David Hernandez and Christine De Schmedt and Not to know initiated by Benoît Lachambre and Andrew Harwood. In 1998 she founded Squash Cake Bureau with the architect Laurence Cremel to develop landscape design and urban furniture projects. 
She édits two urban furniture lines Dehove & Lauro, Même heure, même endroit et A toi de jouer.
She conceived the scenography for fashion shows ( John Galliano for Dior, Kattahari).
She co-conceives a vidéo- environnement Châteaux of France (Jennifer Lacey/ Nadia Lauro), Biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon, Open the curtain, Kunsthalle, Kiel, 2003 and Kyoto Art Center, Japon. 
During a residency at the Ménagerie de Verre in Paris and the Fondation Serralves in Porto, she creates “Tu montes? Nadia Lauro/FransPoelstra+40guests” and « As Atletas » an environmental performance invited in in Europe and Japan. She was awarded with J.Lacey the residency Villa Kujoyama 2003, Kyoto,Japan /Affa-ministère.

10.03.17 - 10.03.17

I.C.I./CCN de Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by workspacebrussels