Choreographic Convention Berlin WHAT/SPACE:CHANGES/CULTURE

Choreographic Convention Berlin WHAT/SPACE:CHANGES/CULTURE

Life Long Burning (LLB) presents WHAT/SPACE:CHANGES/CULTURE as the eighth and final session of the Choreographic Convention. WHAT/SPACE:CHANGES/CULTURE includes an online preliminary laboratory on 10-14 October 2022 and an in-person laboratory at Uferstudios on 7-10 November 2022 for invited guests. This will be followed by a public event with keynote speakers, workshops and discussions on 11 November 2022 and a presentation of the working culture guidelines on 19 November 2022. The Choreographic Convention 2022 is organized by Uferstudios Berlin.

The Choreographic Convention VIII, WHAT/SPACE:CHANGES/CULTURE, is an assembly of choreographers, dancers, performance artists, writers, researchers, curators, artistic directors, and producers to meet and reflect on topics surrounding the question “What type of space can promote change in the dance working culture?”.

The question calls attention to a necessary discourse within the field of dance concerning artists and cultural workers who are asymmetrically impacted by global structural and social issues, including but not limited to issues of racism, ableism, women’s rights, transgender rights, warfare, the impact of capitalism and the ongoing covid pandemic. The Labs and the assembly will be structured in three topics:
“Lab 1 – WHAT” will reflect on the cultural production in the field of dance. Considering dance as a platform and space of response for archiving and reflecting on current times/cultures, we ask questions on what and who’s work get’s access to visibility, how funding instruments and institutions foster specific agendas, as well as asking what transformations already happened and what is needed in terms of resources, people and structures in order to adapt to the shifting global landscape?
“Lab 2 – SPACES” speaks to inequality in the field of dance and the limited access most artists have to institutions: with growing awareness of structural discrimination, we ask what should spaces have to make space for artists and audience from marginalized identities/ backgrounds, how can we create more sustainable equity in the way we share space and resources and what could be strategies to “claim” access to production means? “Lab 3 – WORKING CULTURE” is a close cooperation with ZTB e.V. and reflects on the working culture of dance in Berlin. A group of artists, curators and other actors in the field assembled in the last years around ZTB e.V. examining what value systems prevails in our working field, reflecting its ethics and standards, and finally suggesting some guidelines on how to foster a resilient working culture as a shared responsibility of all parties involved. Within the lab we condense and finalize these guidelines to further reflect them with a broader circle of professionals.

The reflections and outcomes of the all labs will be shared by the lab participants with a broader community on our live events on November 11th (Lab 1 and Lab 2) and on November 19th (Lab 3). Accompanied by key lectures and physical offers we hope for a rich and impactful conversation on the above topics.

As organizers, we acknowledge that who is in the space directly impacts the content and direction of the conversation. We chose participants with specific marginalized identities including disabled people, Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and LGBTQQIP2SAA folks to empower and highlight their voices and cultivate complex intersectional discourse. The laboratory participants were formed on an invitation basis - we invited an initial selection of artists and invited each artist based in Berlin to invite a guest. We utilized a rhizomatic structure to decenter curatorial power, expand the scope/diversity of invited artists, and broaden networks.

We believe that focusing on sharing experiences and revealing perspectives on topics about artistic work, space/stage equity and working cultures in this Choreographic Convention will be crucial to reimagining the future of dance in this changing world.



With and by: Anajara Amarante, Makisig Akin, Angela Alves, Olympia Bukkakis, Rosemary Cisneros, Pêdra Costa, Anna Dankova, Kim Darbouze, Mariama Diagne, Rike Flämig, Sheikha Gross, Beatrix Joyce, Mmakgosi Kgabi, Olivia Hyunsin Kim, Ziada Korp, Virginnia Kraemer, Michelle Lu, Tonina Matamalas, Yezenia León Mezu, Matthias Mohr, Anisha Müller, Sailesh Naidu, Ania Nowak, Maque Pereyra, Benjamin Pohlig, Rafush, Rilaben, Schwarzrund, Lena Szirmay-Kalos, Mateusz Szymanówka, Kathy-Ann Tan, simo tier, Nara Virgens, Simone Willeit, Kasia Wolinska, Aleksander Zain

With the warmest thanks to Makisig Akin & Lena Szirmay-Kalos, Mateusz Szymanówka & Kasia Wolinska, ZTB e.V., PSR-Group.

Fri 11.11.22 10:30 - 22:00Uhr @ Uferstudios Heizhaus, Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin
Sat 19.11.22 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr @ Radialsystem, Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin

Schedule for 11.11.2022:
11:00   12:00    “Slow Violence challenged through storytelling, Roma women and dance” -  Keynote by Rosa Cisneros (online screening)
12:00   13:30    Sharing the outcomes LABs 1 & 2
13:30   14:30    Lunch
14:30   15:15    “Decolonial Curatorial Practice as Collective Care” Interactive talk by Kathy-Ann Tan
15:15   15:30    Break
15:30   16:15    “Yoggaton Workshop” by Maque Pereyra (30 people)
16:15   17:00    Break & Shower
17:00   18:00    “How to take space in places” Interactive Keynote by O. Hyunsin Kim
18:15   19:45   Share & Cake with Nara Virgens, Mateusz Szymanówka, Matthias Mohr,
19:45   20:00   Break
20:00   20:45   Keynote by Cole James (online screening)
20:45   22:00   chill out – DJ Rafush

Schedule for 19.11.2022 Work Culture @ Radialsystem

17:30 18:00 Get in and get your Zine - zine folding of Lab 1 & 2
18:00 18:15 Intro AG Work Culture
18:15 19:00 Presentation of Guidelines for a Good Work Culture in Dance
19:00 19:15 Putting thoughts to paper
19:15 19:30 break
19:30 20:00 Feedback and discussion

11.11.22 - 19.11.22

Berlin (DE)

supported/organized by Uferstudios