Choreographic Convention Berlin

Choreographic Convention Berlin

Based on an idea of the PSR-collective Sheena McGrandles, Lea Martini, Uferstudios and in collaboration with ZTB e.V. this Choreographic Convention starts with an internal Kick-Off meeting end of September, continues with a 3-days online lab followed by live labs from 07.–10.11. that pass over to a public format from 12.-13.11.2022.

Working culture (to support, promote and normalize good practices within the working environments – addressing problems of violence, (self-)exploitation, exhaustion and inequality within the scene) and stagings (lectures, reflection and the experimental questioning of attitudes and relationships to performance spaces and the practices that constitute them, exclusion mechanisms, relationship to audiences, newly developed formats and performative spaces in relation to the classical-institutional stage space as an occasion to negotiate how performance spaces can become inclusive in the broadest sense and what a solidary, supportive practice of performing might look like.)

Detailed information follows soon!

07.11.22 - 13.11.22

Berlin (DE)

supported/organized by Uferstudios