Choreographic Convention - In Other Words: A Future

Choreographic Convention - In Other Words: A Future

Between species extinction and frequent calamities of nature, the disastrous impacts of our changing climate bear a final opportunity to rethink our relations on every level: with each other, with non-human life, with the cities that we have built an the soil that we, so often mindlessly, walk on.

Under the title In Other Words: A Future, the seventh installment of the Choreographic Convention offers a space of encounter, with each other as well as with a crisis which consistently challenges the professed boundlessness of language and expression; what structural societal changes ar necessary in order to measure up to its extent? And what are the artistic practices and aesthetics that will emerge, are even perhaps forced to emerge?

Choreographic Convention VII is a collaborative effort by two partner organizations of Life Long Burning, danceWEB and Workshop Foundation Budapest, and aims to center the connection between Budapest and Vienna as well as their exchange of ideas and approaches concerning a crisis that knows no borders. To emphasize this artistic and discursive encounter and make a tangible institutional step towards an eco-friendly mode of production, the two sections of the convention will be linked by a joint train ride.

We invite you to join the contributing artists and experts in making the trip – for free and with a surprise artistic programm – from Budapest to the kick-off event of the Austrian part of In Other Words: A Future at ImPulsTanz.



One-day kick-off event including:
Presentation & discussion of four-day working groups:

"Sustainability of the human body", led by Anna Biczók, danc artist, performer and choreographer
"Sustainable planning as a choreographic practice", led
by Gyula Cserepes, choreographer, dancer and dance teache "Sustainable cities – what does it really mean?", led by Lilla Bartuszek, lawyer and Founder of Sustainable Cities project, CEO of Center of Sustainable Communities

"Social sustainability in connection with elderly and dementia care", led by Orsolya Mátyus, architect and co-founder of WeCare architecture

Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi: "Antropodeny" (performance)

Register >>here for the Budapest events (free of charge)

10:40-13:21 Joint train ride from Budapest to Vienna (free of charge, registration possible through the registration form for the Budapest event)



VIENNA – 9-17 July


18:30 Vienna Opening with Dr Brigitte Bierlein, former Austria chancellor and president of danceWEB association – at Volkstheater

19:00 Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) in Collaboration with Judith Zagury and Nathalie Küttel (Shanjulab)
"Temple du présent. Solo pour octopus: Film"
– at Volkstheater

09.-17.07. Speculative Fiction (screening), a presentation of works dealing with the interconnectedness of human and non- human life forms and reframing the concept of utopia beyond modern definition (a cooperation between ImPulsTanz and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna) – at Exhibit Gallery, Academy o Fine Arts Vienna

10.07. What's Done / Undone, panel discussions with artists and experts on (non-)human bodies as places of desire, new ways of artistic production in the face of the climate crisis and sustainable strategies of global and urban cohabitation – at MQ - Libelle
11:00 Reception
11:30–13:00 Places of Desire with Anna Biczók, Anne Juren and Perel
13:30–15:00 Burning Down the House with Claudia Bosse, Tobias Herzberg, Gyula Cserepes, Lisa Hinterreithner and Frank Willens
16:00–17:30 Crisis and Cohabitation with Lilla Bartuszek, Katalin Erdödi, Orsolya Mátyus, Florian Schlederer, Rita Süveges & Anna Zilahi (xtro realm)

11.07. Bosse: "ORACLE and SACRIFICE oder die evakuierung der gegenwart" (performance) – at Odeon Theat

13.07. Dig Up Productions / Elisabeth Tambwe: "Salon Souterrain: Bodies in Transformation" (performance) – at MQ Libelle

16. & 18.07. Sergiu Matis: "Hopeless." (performance) – at Odeon Theater

17.07. Barbara Frischmuth & Esther Kinsky: "Die Sprache zu Tage" (reading & talk in German) – at MQ - Libelle

Registered participants of the Budapest section of the Choreographic Convention will receive performance tickets for the reduced fees at ImPulsTanz.

08.07.22 - 17.07.22

Budapest & Vienna

supported/organized by danceWEB & Workshop Foundation