Co-production support for Anne Lise Le Gac

Co-production support for Anne Lise Le Gac

In the frame of the Creative Crossroad activity, Anne-Lise Le Gac was selected by Veem House for Performance to receive a 2 years structural support by the LLB network to work on her latest production "Ductus Midi"

This support includes a co-production by ICI-CCN, a residency by Workshop Foundation Hungary and a residency by brain store project.


Project description "Ductus Midi":

How would it be PLACES if people did not travel ? 

On a hazily edges terrain, two walkers, Anne Lise Le Gac et Arthur Chambry, begin a trip without resolution. They are on the way, side by side, without holding, «being DUCTUS ». 

In his book, The story of lines, Tim Ingold specifies DUCTUS that way : in Middle-age, this word refers to a reading mode sets up like a journey more than a map. « They didn’t interpret text written on the page according to a precise map, already composed and complete in itself, but they rather looked on it as a journey marked with signals, direction signs or stops that allowed them to turn towards memory space. » 

This journey does not have a fixed-term, and the rhythm of each other can differ. On their way, Anne Lise and Arthur cross two other travellers, Katerina Andreou et Christophe Manivet. 

We all move with our tools and skills. We see where they go without anticipating a final destination. Our pathway is not a straight line but a crooked trajectory with numerous bends. This terrain is unstable, it is full of relieves, holes, humps, puddles, clumps, soft sands and sharp rocks. 

Being skilled could be the consequence when you adapt to an evolving environment. Like an experienced way of playing with a puddle or dancing with the thunder. 

In our hands, the matter is soft, whether it is plastic, chants, sugar, dances or tangerines skins. Soft is the state BETWEEN solid and liquid. Liable to a number of variations, it can’t really settle down in one side. It goes backwards and forwards and this movement guarantees its plasticity. Thermoplastic, sugar lines drawn on the floor, amplified water drops becoming music, postures rambling into dance, affect as « becoming forms ». 

On this fertile soil, Anne Lise, Arthur, Katerina and Christophe build an ecosystem that escape from its container. 

DUCTUS MIDI proposes a fragment of path where encounters lay out between several travellers, that we could also call « companion species ». These words taken out from the philosopher Donna Haraway in her book Manifest of companion species, dogs, humans and other partners. It talks about looking upon partners relationships with who we venture all life long. 

From those encounters between 4 characters, several bastard gestures will arise from these situations : practices telling, acoustic pictures, tool dances, eatable chronic, sport musics. 

DUCTUS MIDI’s agency could be compare to a series of nods between thread-trajectories. 

It is a space for « undercommoning ». A talking map. « Commoning » to pass round the necessity of understanding. 

Here, communication stakes would not be resolved through understanding what other WANTS to say, but rather experiencing some parts of our journey WITH a companion.

Co-production support for Anne Lise Le Gac

01.08.19 - 31.08.19

Montpellier, France

supported/organized by ICI – CCN de Montpellier