Constellations "Life Long Burning" Portraits D'Europe

Constellations "Life Long Burning" Portraits D'Europe

The LLB partner ICI-CCN de Montpellier is highlighting the Creative Crossroad artists Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Sergiu Matis and Laura Kirshenbaum in their special series "Constellations "Life Long Burning" Portraits D'Europe".

The three artists are invited to work in residencies at the ICI-CCN on their latest projects, public openings, so-called "Club de danse", allow for a multi-layered view on the differing artistic approaches by these European artists from different backgrounds, namely Belgium, Romania and France/Israel.

Four public meetings will allow the audience to meet these artists, to make visible and to give a taste of what we undertake collectively within this network. Accompanying several, proposing coherent contexts for each artist, moving, provoking exchange and encounter, such are the lines of force that underline our approach.

Coming from Romania (Sergiu Matis), Israel (Laura Kirshenbaum) and Belgium (Lisa Vereertbrugghen), they reveal a geography of practices where new forms are invented, new modes of address. The first one thanks to its exploration of the body and numerical archives, the second one thanks to the potentialities of the imagination and the third one thanks to the contact of the styles of sound and hardcore techno dance. So many researches which open the choreographic field towards other horizons.

This three artists benefit from the program ICI-CCN residence-recherche and they opened their work on four moments

Lisa Vereertbrugghen
is working on her production "Celebration".
20.09.2022: club de danse – ICI-CCN de Montpellier

CELEBRATION (working title) (other ideas: DIRTY FOLK or ANTIFOLK)
“a human impulse that has been effectively suppressed ...a desire for collective joy, historically expressed in revels of feasting, costuming and dancing”  EHRENRECH, B., Dancing In The Streets

During the residency Laura Kirshenbaum is working on her latest work In the garden. The research will partly take place at the Montpellier Botanical Garden.

23.09.2022: work-in-progress - public opening

Sergiu Matis is working on his latest production "Blazing Worlds"
21.09.2022: club de danse – ICI-CCN
22.09.2022: work-in-progress - public opening


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20.09.22 - 23.09.22

Montpellier (FR)

supported/organized by ICI – CCN de Montpellier