Dance Hub residency Alex Mirutziu at Uferstudios Berlin

Dance Hub residency Alex Mirutziu at Uferstudios Berlin

Romanian Choreographer Alex Mirutziu was invited for a residency to Uferstudios, Berlin by the LLB partner 4Culture working on his ongoing artistic video cycle reel_poems. These vignettes are also a preliminary research and try out for a performative installation Mirutziu will produce and perform at WASP Bucharest in spring 2023. Mirutziu used the chance in Berlin to condense his findings and experiment with light and video settings in order to produce drafts of visual and aesthetic imagery later to be used within the new production and to experiment and sketch out bodily choreographic movement patterns later to be transferred onto a dancers body. Searchings and findings for performative atmospheres, visual images, physical gestures were recorded on video, creating small stand-alone vignettes, displayed on Uferstudios website. (

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21.11.22 - 30.11.22

Uferstudios Berlin

supported/organized by Uferstudios