Dance Hub residency and coproduction for Ivana Kalc

Dance Hub residency and coproduction for Ivana Kalc

In the frame of the Dance Hub activity, Ivana Kalc receives a residency and coproduction support from ICI-CCN de Montpellier to work on her latest production "MELODRAMA".


MELODRAMA (author: Ivana Kalc, production: Kabinet)

Project has working title Melodrama, and referrs to developing a contemporay dance solo perfromance. The project studies problems of allienation, isolation and valorisation of individual, technological conditioning for labor and profit making, and ways of dealing with those phenomena in todays society. In which way can an individual position (and adapt) himself in the system, considering the emerging socio-political, cultural and economical changes.

Based on Gy Debord's Society of the Spectacle, the artist is researching spectacle as enhencement of consumeristic capitalism/market, which has spread through all areas of human existance, and has indeed affected the way we percieve reality. Debord is claiming that social role of spectacle is production of alienation, and is nothing but economy that develops for it's own sake. The culture of spending and consuming is being shaped, and the meaning of leisure and free time is no longer a free choice of individual – it is in fact subordinated to market and accumulation of profit. The spectacle produces estranged (in)activites, like watching TV, shopping, social networking and encourages isolation thus creating „a lonely crowd“. Allthough the subjects are participating voluntarily in this market, they are not aware of their own participation and of production of the spectacle itself. The rise of media and techonological advancement shapes our reality more and more, manages social and individual activity and influences the organisation of social structures and subjects. The main idea of this project is to examine how an individual lives in such a society, how he helps to build it and how he manages the consequences of this spectacle production, which is so important and visible today, and maybe even more actual then in 1967. when Debord wrote his work.


Project team

Choreography/performance: Ivana Kalc

Composer: Josip Maršić

Photography: Karlo Čargonja

Video: Maxine Garcia, Vasily Kuzmich

Costume designer: Tajči Čekada

Prop master: Dean Rožić

15.07.21 - 23.07.21

ICI - CCN de Montpellier

supported/organized by ICI – CCN de Montpellier