Dance Hub residency Bíborka Béres and Ádám Jeneses in Zagreb

Dance Hub residency Bíborka Béres and Ádám Jeneses in Zagreb

In the frame of the Dance Hub exchanges, Kik Melone is offering a residency to the partner Workhop Foundation. Workshop Foundation selected the artists Bíborka Béres and Ádám Jeneses for this slot.

During the residency they performed "Hungarotrópus". Hungarotrópus (Hungarotropic) is born out of a food meditation exercise Bíborka did with a piece of orange. The task was to observe closely the food with all the senses, and try and experience every small step of it being consumed and travelling in the upper part of the digestive system. She connected this experience with her grandmother’s anecdotes she heard as a young child about tropical fruits being incredibly rare and a luxury in the communist times in Hungary. Oranges, clementines and bananas were considered treasures, which at once could be used as invaluable currency to bribe or convince people (teachers, landlords, bosses or other superiors) and were also items of hedonism, the taste and eating of which represented a optimistic, dream-like life, somewhere far away from the then-current system. Dance and performance-making, for Bíborka, represents a similar kind of joy and hedonism. Going back to the very experience of consuming tropical fruits, Bíborka uses her grandmother’s stories about navigating her own personal interests and pursuing her desires in a system that is built on suppressing them.  Prior to the residency, Bíborka and Ádám prepared the project to be ready for an intensive week-long research. They made audio recordings of Bíborka’s grandmother’s stories about the fruits, and her desires and fantasies while living in the small town of Gyöngyös during socialism. During the residency at ANTISEZONA they brought together these different sources and materials in the studio, and research how they can come together.

Work in progress presentation on 25.03.2022 at MSU Zagreb.

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Dance Hub residency Bíborka Béres and Ádám Jeneses in Zagreb

21.03.22 - 28.03.22

Zagreb (HR)

supported/organized by Kik Melone