Dance Hub residency Cosmina Moroșan and Anticorp Solar at WASP

Dance Hub residency Cosmina Moroșan and Anticorp Solar at WASP

Cosmina Moroșan and Anticorp Solar (Vlad Constantinescu) are on a residency to work on their latest production "Felt trowel. Hominescence and individuation". On October 20 they are presenting the result in a public showing.

”We put forward a kind of practice which springs from the life that creates events: intensities when thought / affect / materiality branch in manyfold ways. The performative mapping assumes a talk about individuation and placement. Any game on a nook has a shapeshifting map as a new tactic: hazy, wonderful two-folding. A dent in the indigo and a scratch-gymnast shows up. In a post-industrial segmented hive, with a black and white layout, membrane-entities act, while being themselves wrinkled by the room. They recall the dark hall with eyes of slime. To work together within ecosophy means to assume the heterogeneity of the things/beings that interact: human, non-human in the frame which diagnoses the atmosphere, in the words of Radu Petrescu. The choreography of the neglected-abundant, the atmospheric overflowing of sudden topologies within the gallery space, becomes a somatic expression of the technological-aesthetical objects. Allay the sinews by the waves of the outline. Alliance from allay and the birth of other strengths, new calls for the stance of the body.”

Cosmina Moroșan works with poetry and performative arts (mouvement and text), by means of philosophy as risked intensity / affective virtuality / possibility to drill for other meetings. In 2017, she published Beatitude (political essay) and in 2021 she finished the PhD thesis To feel deleuzian. Schizoanalysis of experimental literary practices. She lives and researches territories between cities / countrysides, between concepts / feelings, favoring practices that are drawn up in open micro-teams (from 2018 she collaborates with Anticorp Solar). Since 2016 she performs in spaces from Bucharest (ODD gallery, Tranzit, Salonul de Proiecte, CNDB, Anca Poterașu Gallery, Cabinet 44/ Atelierele Malmaison.)

Anticorp Solar (Vlad Constantinescu) works in the visual (image, installation), sonic (field recordings, acoustic actions), and performative environments with a concern for text (drafts, pluralist etymology). In his practice, he wanders through the concept of vitality of the space, where entities-events live: objects (congregations of photons, smart screen speck and cracks), inter-beings (the AND-thinking) and little din (cracked iterations, handrail asymmetries). From 2018 (trans-)performs together with Cosmina Moroșan, while drifting through neighborhoods, domestic observing, in nomadic accelerations and art spaces (such as ODD, Meet Factory, CNDB and Cabinet 44 at Atelierele Malmaison)

06.10.22 - 20.10.22

WASP Bucharest (RO)

supported/organized by 4Culture