Dance Hub residency Ivana Bojanić, Anika Cetina, Lana Hosni

Dance Hub residency Ivana Bojanić, Anika Cetina, Lana Hosni

The team of Kik Melone have had a call based on invitations among their network. They invited 5 artists to submit their proposals to participate in the residency. The Workshop Foundation received 2 applications as the 5 artists decided to work together.

WSF have chosen the application of Ivana Bojanic, Lana Hosni and Anika Cetina. They spent 10 days with rehearsals in Budapest, with the following artistic aims:

The interest for this artistic / research residency arises from their interest in a residency imagined as a shared space for three dance artists and three separate artistic processes. They wish to develop the processes in communication with each other, allowing the work to be influenced by the presence of the other, contrary to isolating the work until it is ready to be shown.

Ivana Bojanic: As a continuation of her previous work that dealt with the notion of absence, this research is dedicated to a thought and at the same time to the place (of horror). Practice imagined as a laboratory of producing audible and inaudible expressions of menace which want to penetrate from the body, into the eyes, out, into tomorrow.

Anika Cetina: Research of a practice with windows researches a practice of working within exhilarations of a dancing moment and its potential, rather than the object or a product of it. It is imagined as a promenade of crossing windows which fosters wondering and lingering around. This research does not search to seek for more-there-over, rather, beneath-here-now. It does not search for coherence, rather it practices sensibility.

Lana Hosni: Somatic questioning of the patterns which upon decisions for movement and development of the situation are made, or not-made but rather filtered, censored or overlooked. Curiosity around how embodied beliefs and unwritten rules that we pick up along the way, consciously or uncoucusly, willingly or unwillingly, condition the way we make or think the subject of dance (today).

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Gallery pics © Kik Melone

24.02.22 - 05.03.22

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation