Dance Hub residency Katalin Bito at NDA Slovenia

Dance Hub residency Katalin Bito at NDA Slovenia

Residency and work-presentation of the Hungarian contemporary dancer Katalin Bitó

Katalin was developing her solo dance performance Mondom veled/I’m telling with you (video design: Dorottya Szonja Koltay, music: Kurszán Koltay) with the assistance of Zsófia Szász (as an assistant and outside eye) and Kristóf Frühwirth (as a light technician).

Work in progress presentation of the work in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana.

In the period of 18th – 23th of August 2021 Katalin Bitó had an artistic residency at Studio Moj Korak and Kino Siska, Ljubljana.

On 23th of August 2021 Katalin Bitó had a public presentation of the work Mondom veled/ I’m telling with you in Kino Siska, Ljubljana.

Report by Katalin Bito:

During the artistic residency period for Mondom veled/ I’m telling with you we had access to studio in Moj Korak in the first three days, than we had access to the big hall (Katedrala) in Kino Siska to set the piece on stage with the help of light- and sound technician crew of Kino Siska. We had a very valuable feedback session with members from the organisation after the work in progress presentation.

As hosts NDA Slovenia were extremely efficient, before, during and after the residency:

•   Before the beginning of our residency they organized very well all necessities such as studio reservation, accommodation, contacting us with Moj Korak and Kino Šiška, informing us about possible theatre events to visit such as Mladi Levi festival.

•   As the studio provided by Moj Korak didn’t have courtains to darken the studio and projector for making video projection, NDA Slovenia organised smoothly to have the in the studio what we need for our work.

•   NDA Slovenia (Jasmina Založnik) organized and moderated a feedback session. After the residency, the members stayed in touch with us. Still curious, still generous, still interested, they show impeccable work ethics, building trust and friendship within a professional context.”

The process of the artistic work during the residency:

“Our focus during the residency was to develop and set on stage the piece Mondom veled/I’m telling with you - created by Katalin Bitó (dance and choreography), Dorottya Szonja Koltay (video design) and Kurszán Koltay (music).

Zsófia Szász as an assistant-outside eye helped Katalin Bitó in making dramaturgical decisions in the dance choreography and in elaborating on the dance material and the presence of the performer.
Kristóf Frühwirth as a light technician helped Katalin Bitó clarifying the light plan and collaborating with the light technicians of Kino Šiška.

Our residency organised by NDA Slovenia was a great and valuable opportunity for me as a young emerging artist to develop my working method, artistic ideas and skills in communication.“

Katalin Bitó

18.08.21 - 23.08.21

Ljubljana (SI)

supported/organized by Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia