Dance Hub residency Lisa Vereertbrugghen in Budapest

Dance Hub residency Lisa Vereertbrugghen in Budapest

In the frame of the Dance Hub activity Workshop Foundation welcomes Lisa Vereertbrugghen and her sound collaborator Michael Langeder, sent by STUK, to a research residency.
The artists are working on their latest collaboration "DISQUIET".


Concept, choreography, performance – Lisa Vereertbrugghen
Sound – Michael Langeder
Advice – Madison Bycroft
Light – Vera Martins

A coproduction of December Dance (Cultuurcentrum en Concertgebouw Brugge),Kunstenwerkplaats KWP, STUK, CAMPO andBit-teatergarasjen. 

With the support of BUDA, Workshop Foundation and Workspace Brussels. 

With the financial support of  Vlaamse Overheid and Life Long Burning co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union




sensational aesthetics of a technokin 


After approaching hardcore techno dancing from her own background through the style of gabber in the pieces Camouflaging Kelly(2014) and SOFTCORE(2018), Lisa Vereertbrugghen now continues her research with sound designer Michael Langeder to includeother hardcore dance styles, like UK jungle, drum-‘n-bass and other contemporary hardcore varieties in an attempt tofind andactivate their common ground.

One element that connects these underground substyles (besides their high speed) is the disruptionof the flow with pauses, breakbeats and complex intermittent rhythms.  In DISQUIET dancing hardcore is considered a continuous breaking down of rules and regularity. Hardcore is approached as a kind of physical anarchy that wildly embraces noise and irregularity.




Lisa Vereertbrugghen (b. 1986) is a choreographer, teacher, dramaturg and researcher based in Brussels. Since 2014 she has been researching hardcore techno dance styles trough various formats: performances, lecture-performances, performance-installations and publications.  

Her work has been shown in: MDT (Stockholm), Oktoberdans (BIT, Bergen), Playground Festival (STUK, Leuven), BUDA (Kortrijk), Bâtard festival (Brussels and Amsterdam), CA2M (Madrid), Showroom MAMA (Rotterdam), CAMPO (Gent), Rencontres Chorégraphiques (Paris) and others.

18.08.20 - 31.08.20

Budapest, HU

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation