Dance Hub residency Oda Brekke in Amsterdam

Dance Hub residency Oda Brekke in Amsterdam

Open Call for Dance Artists

MDT in Stockholm and Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam open a call for two research residencies for dance artists based in Amsterdam and Stockholm, in the frame of the EU project Life Long Burning. Deadline for applications is June 6th 2021.MDT and Veem House wish to create space for artistic research in experimental dance and choreography and to open possibilities for exchange with and between the two chosen artists and and the respective cities/artistic communities/workplaces/venues of Amsterdam and Stockholm.

What’s the offer?

MDT and Veem House offer each a 12-day residency (excluding travel by train) for two dance artists working with experimental dance/choreography (one person based in Amsterdam and one person based in Stockholm).
The artist from Amsterdam will be working in Stockholm at MDT and the person from Stockholm will be working at Veem House, Amsterdam. Both the venue and the artist based in the hosting city will introduce the guest artist to the city and the local field.
Each residency offers:
Train tickets between Stockholm and Amsterdam for one person (with one overnight stay during traveling).
Per diem and accommodation for one person.
Each artist receives a budget of 1000 euros.
A studio to work in.
Artist from Amsterdam
The artist from Amsterdam is offered a 12-14 day residency at MDT in Stockholm (including travel time by train) between October 4th – October 17th this year (2021). MDT offers a studio space with the possibility of limited technical support. During the residency it is possible to attend the public program. If wanted by the artist, a public showing of their research/working process can be arranged.
The Amsterdam based artist is also available for meetups in Amsterdam while the guest artist from Stockholm is working, between November 29th – December 12th.
Artist from Stockholm
The artist from Stockholm is offered a 12-day residency at Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam (excluding travel time by train) from November 29th – December 12th this year (2021). Veem House offers a studio with basic technical needs. During the residency it is possible to attend the public program of Veem House. We would like to do an intimate public sharing of the process/research/subject you are working on in that same week.
The Stockholm based artist is also available for meetups in Stockholm while the guest artist from Amsterdam is working, between October 4th – October 17th.
How to apply
Please send your application by June 6 23:59 as an email to info(at)
Your application should include:
+ A motivation letter in English, max 700 words (1-1,5 A4 pages)Include a short introduction to yourself and your dance practice, the topic of your research and why this specific call is interesting to you. Please also include what and how you would like to research/work on during the residency.
+ Active links to video’s/documentation of earlier works (max three).
Veem House for Performance and MDT will read all incoming proposals. At the end of June we will be in contact with the applicants about the outcome and hopefully, if the regulations allow, we will start preparations from September on. The exchange can only happen if the regulations around COVID-19 allow us to organize it safely and with care.

Sigrid Stigsdatter is on a residency in Stockholm from October 4-17, 2021.
Oda Brekke is on a residendcy in Amsterdam from November 29 to December 12.

29.11.21 - 12.12.21

Stockholm (SE)

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