Dance Hub residency Pia Brezavšček at MDT Stockholm

Dance Hub residency Pia Brezavšček at MDT Stockholm

In the frame of the Dance Hub exchange activity, Pia Brezavšček was selected by NDA Slovenia for a residency at MDT Stockholm.

Pia Brezavšček graduated from Philosophy and Art History. She is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana. Her work includes writing, editing and dramaturgy. Since 2019, she is one of the two editors-in-chief of Maska, performing arts journal and also the editor of a discursive internet platform for local independent performing art.

Pia is the first Curator in residence at the MDT office. The residency is mostly centered around scouting for interesting initiatives, artists and writers in Stockholm for further collaborations with the Maska journal from Slovenia. Maska is a bilingual contemporary performing arts journal that issues three times a year. Last year, already it’s 200th issue was published and it has been 100 years since its first issue (with a gap between the 20’s and 90’s). On this occasion, we held an internationaly symposium Precarity or selfmanagement? in Ljubljana. A theme issue Voice of dance is about to be printed. It was edited together with guest editor, a curator of the festival CoFestival and a member of Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia, Jasmina Založnik. The next issues we are planning are Police and performance, Yugofuturism II and one on Ecology and dance/performance. The latter theme seems especially present in Sweden’s performing arts scene, so hopefully an international issue with contributors from Stockholm’s artistic/writing scene will be due in a year’s time.

21.10.21 - 29.10.21

MDT Stockholm

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