Dance Hub residency Silvia Marchig in Stockholm

Dance Hub residency Silvia Marchig in Stockholm

Silvia Marchig is invited to MDT Stockholm to a residency.

"My primary artistic interests are performative situations as phenomenon, using the elements of dance, voice and text in my work. Over the years of practice, I have been exploring methodologies of collective authorship, having in my focus relations and spaces between: how we act and intra-act with each other, with the space, music, images, objects, energies. I am interested in exploring choreographic and poetic ways to understand reality as reactive and sensitive complexity, inspired by ethics of the relationships, theory of non-existing time, speculative fiction and serious approach to imaginative realms.

Currently I am developing a new work, under the working title “I open my beak, out of it comes a song”, together with Darko Japelj, author, actor and performer. In the work we are exploring the relationship between poetry and choreography, treating our practice as “landscapes of low potentials”. This term is derivate from another research: “Mothers in Spring. Sadder than the Saddest Piece. Ever.” from 2021, a collective authorship by Iva Nerina Sibila, Umberto Lancia, Marko Gutić Mižimakov and myself.

In the residency I will be translating the methodology of this collective works in my solo research, having a dialogue with my long-term friend and colleague pavleheidler, based in Stockholm, with whom we went through many performing adventures, such as “Amoroso”- a research, film and text collection from 2014, “Glacier” – a performative dive into the deep time from 2015, “This could be a community” – a project that includes performative situations in different communities and an over-written deck of Tarot cards, in 2016. This will be the first time we will meet in Stockholm and our first meeting in the artistic dialogue since 2018, when they participated in the conference “The Saddest Method. Ever.” in Zagreb, which was an event of celebration of 10 years of Kik Melone endeavor."
Silvia Marchig

01.04.22 - 14.04.22

Stockholm (SE)

supported/organized by MDT