Dance Hub residency Valentin Alfery in Budapest

Dance Hub residency Valentin Alfery in Budapest

Valentin Alfery is participating in a Dance Hub residency in Budapest, offered by the network partner Workshop Foundation.

His goal was to explore the potential of cross-principles that exist within the community of street and club styles.

Valentin has been selected to participate in the Dance Hub residency in Budapest by danceWEB. The two organisations, Workshop Foundation and danceWEB had rich discussions and exchange in the framework of this residency exchange. Valentin was in Budapest between 25 July - 3 August 2022. He mainly worked at Juranyi in Grabo Studio 100.

Valentin started developing a new dance technique called treasure flow (working title), which is derived from a general urban movement language. The aim for this dance technique is to arrive at a new aesthetic of dance that stands alone and is decoupled from any specific dance style. A semantic connection to the aesthetics of urban dance styles, which is becoming increasingly important within the contemporary dance scene, remains. This technique aims to be deliberately created for the stage context. I want to use it as a sustainable mainspring for dance and choreography in my future pieces.

Valentin has been working in the studio and form time to time exchanged with the WSF team. WSF team office is located on the same flow as Grabo 100 Studio,  that is why WSG team could exchange with the artist regularly during his stay.

At the end of the residency, Valentin opened up his work, we organised a 2-hour workshop during which Valentin presented his work to a local audience. WSF team created a Facebook event and invited relevant people. There were 31 people in total who clicked on either going or interested in the Facebook event. In the end, there were 4 participants in total. According to Valentin, the workshop went very well, it provided an important added value to his work, creating a platform for feedback with audience.

Gallery pics © Shananeira.

25.07.22 - 03.08.22

Budapest (HU)

supported/organized by Workshop Foundation