Eve Chariatte and Joanne Clavel "Sillages#2"

Eve Chariatte and Joanne Clavel "Sillages#2"

An ongoing research presentation: weaving links between furrows of the body and furrows of the earth, to see

intertwined imaginary anatomical, geographical narratives and poetics: "I chose to observe two strata of the living - the earth and the skin - in two different contexts: eHPAD for the skin and vineyards for the earth "says Eve Chariatte.

Over the course of the investigation, these metaphors have evolved into fright or joy. The chemical industry seems to dominate recurrent on our human ancestors or winegrowers.

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Eve Chariatte and Joanne Clavel

09.10.19 - 09.10.19

Montpellier Magdalena festival 2019 at Espace Bernard Glandier

supported/organized by ICI – CCN de Montpellier